Share your story

Society often forgets that we are all human, and the stigma that surrounds mental health is heavily present. We opt to use filters that mask our imperfections, we avoid conversations that reveal our vulnerabilities, and in the midst of struggle, we feel shame for being human. It is time that we change this way of thinking and speak our truth, because really, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all human beings of vibrant energies facing struggles and difficulties daily. We all have within us a story to tell and when we tell our stories for others to hear, the notion that we are disconnected beings dissolves and we are reminded that we are not alone.

Is it time for you to tell your story? UR Enough is a safe place to open up, and become your real, authentic self. It is a platform to share your story — stories of struggle, addiction, mental health, vulnerability, but more importantly, stories of hope, inspiration, and of your undefinable worth. If you have a story that you want to share, we want to hear and celebrate you. Fill in the contact form below, or email us at




Want to spread the UR Enough mission to your community? We want to help you do that. We can help you get a running group started in your city, get an event off the ground, whatever ideas you have we want to hear them!